Veletta - Mabel Maguire


    Veletta Skin Care

    Beauty is a crowded market to be in, so when Velettà was founded, the skincare start-up wanted to create natural products that looked, smelled and felt so luxurious to use, they would become a daily ritual.


    Velettà hit the market in 2016, and Mabel has worked closely with the company since then to develop an integrated communications strategy, aimed at creating a loyal and engaged customer base.


    We announced Velettà’s launch to market with a beautiful event and secured press coverage for the brand and founder in Australia’s Woman’s Day, Herald on Sunday, Sunday Star Times, Mindfood, Nadia and Beauty EQ. 


    Since launch, social media has been a big part of what we do for Velettà, and this has meant creating, running and testing social media campaigns, as well as identifying and engaging social influencers. Traffic to the website is up 174{d3c1b0949ebe947c93c625d22ee659c485c88589647ed29428e266de0465f9a8} this year, and the ads have been seen by more than 1.5 million people. We also advise Velettà’s founder on packaging, printed assets, brands to collaborate with and events and organisations that the brand should align with.