Auckland Council - Mabel Maguire


    Auckland Council

    Our team works with Auckland Council’s arts, community and events department to advise on, and produce content for a variety of fine art projects and communications.


    Early in 2019, they approached us to help them with a different gig. They were unveiling a new sculpture titled “Soapbox” on Auckland’s North Shore, and needed a fresh take on how to let people know about it. “Soapbox” was part of a series of artworks commemorating the 125th anniversary of suffrage in Aotearoa, so we came up with a handful of ideas that would bring the artwork and themes of suffrage to life. With the Council, we revised and reworked the concepts until we landed on an activation that paired the themes of feminism and fun.


    ‘Soapbox Stories’ saw five female spoken-word artists, poets and performers take to the artwork on a Saturday morning to deliver suffrage messages to the public audience and stakeholders. Working closely with the client, Mabel organised the event, created the marketing assets and designed social media campaigns for ‘Soapbox Stories’, resulting in a well-received public event.